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Who are we?

Your Next Concepts is a young, growing and innovative company specialized in solving complex issues in higher education. We solve problems by using one of our applications, which we can adjust to the specific issue of our customers.

With our background in data science and engineering we are experienced in collecting data and converting this in valuable information. In our smart applications we support educational processes with data, so that you can make a deliberate decision.

With all of our solutions we actively think with our client about the concept and the business case. This way we will always find the right solution for your issue.
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Our History

Your Next Concept was founded in 2014, when Peter, Casper and Gijs won the student pitch competition with their idea: Your Next Course. The former rector magnificus of the University of Utrecht said the following about their idea: “it is the Amazon for classes”.

Out of the idea to make more use of data by using innovative applications and features, Your Next Concepts was born. In the summer of 2015 a program in higher education was wondering whether it was possible to monitor student presence in real time. As a solution to this question, Academy Attendance was introduced. Nowadays Academy Attendance helps over 45 programs with student administration.

In 2019 SQill was introduced. SQill organizes the entire curriculum of a program and makes it possible for different professors to work together on the education. SQill was developed in collaboration with the Erasmus Medical School; nowadays it is available for other programs as well.

Why would you chose Your Next Concepts?


Your Next Concepts does not only focus on making education better right now. We always keep future trends and changes in mind when solving educational issues.

Business driven

We always keep the user of the end product in mind when developing and we know how teachers and other educational staff work. This way the solution will fit the issue perfectly.

Technical knowledge

Within Your Next Concepts we have all knowledge available to make every project a success.

Intergration with your current systems

We can integrate our solutions with your current systems. This way you can get the most benefits out of all your systems.

Our Team

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